*Review* - Pool Baron/Florida Sunseeker color changing LED light bulb


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Apr 6, 2016
Just wanted to give y'all a quick little review on this bulb beings there wasn't many I could find on it prior to purchasing it. Our spa bulb went out and we decided to replace it with a color changing LED, previous bulb was a 250w halogen (would get EXTREMELY HOT to the point that it could burn your leg if you touched it for longer than a few seconds). Anyways, it was pretty straight forward procedure to change out the bulbs...cut the power at the breaker, drain spa below light level, take pilot screw out and pull out fixture, take the screw out holding the retention ring around the gasket, remove old bulb and screw in new one, then put back together in reverse.

Now on to the actual bulb itself. It seems very well built overall and comes with a 1 year warranty and at around $80, it's a great alternative rather than replacing the entire fixture. It changes through 16 different color modes. I think like 8 solid colors and 8 rotating color patterns. The bulb works exactly as described and is controlled by flipping the light switch (off/on) to rotate and cycle through the colors until you find the desired one you want. Once you turn the light off, it will automatically remember the last light color it was on when you turn it on again which is really cool. The only minor drawback is I wish the light itself was just a bit brighter. It's only a 6 watt bulb, which is probably equivalent to like 50-75 watt halogen bulb. We had a 250w halogen bulb prior, so it was a good bit brighter and just what we were used to. The colors themselves still look really cool, especially the purple/pink, blue, and cyan (turquoise). Overall we are really satisfied, especially for the price we paid ($80) and the ease of installing (basically a plug and play). I also called Florida Sunseeker a few times and they were very helpful. Hopefully the bulb lasts a long time and there are no issue. Hope this helps for people who are looking for an alternative to the more expensive Pentair Intellibrite 5G spa/pool lights.
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