Returned to Pucks!


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Jul 17, 2016
Yes, I finally did it. Put away the bottles of Chlorine and filled my little Duck with 6 pucks so that he could swim again. :paddle:

Ok, so that is not the entire story. In reality, I have this huge container of pucks that I put away in storage when I discovered this site. I had CYA over 90 and was constantly being Pool Stored. Now here I am a year later with CYA < 30. So how does a person with a bucket of pucks and needing to raise his CYA by 20 points solve that problem? Pucks and Ducks! ROFL!

Basically I will be using Pucks for the first week in May to help raise the CYA by 10 and then again in the last week in May when I go on vacation to help raise it another 10. And then.... back to the chlorine jugs.

You know it is actually fun to know your pool and know how to handle it. ;)