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Jun 14, 2020
Okay, this is my second time opening my pool. Last year I didn't care too much because I was getting a new liner and new water in early spring because my original liner was miss-cut and installed in late summer, and the pool company and I decided to wait till spring to replace it. The pool company included one free closing with purchase, so I had them do it, but was unable to watch because I was out of town. I was able to watch them this past year though. They have a method where they do not lower the water to close the pool. The made a short, flexible tube that one guy holds above the water line for each return jet while another guy blows out the line at the pump side. Then the pool side guy pours in about a gallon of pool antifreeze, caps the flexible hose, and tucks it back below the water level. They also blow out the skimmer line and add a gallon there also. Now, getting the antifreeze out of the skimmer line is easy, just pump to waste. But getting the antifreeze out of the return lines seems pretty difficult. I might be able to direct the small hose extensions into a 5 gallon bucket, but they aren't very long. I could try to suck it back out at the pump with my shop vac, but have low expectations that this would work. Do I even need to bother? Last year, I just emptied them into the pool, but I was getting new water. Thoughts?


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Jun 8, 2019
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If it’s marine antifreeze it can just mix with the pool water. It’s meant to be put into potable lines, so pool water won’t be a concern.

I don’t bother flushing mine to waste and I put antifreeze in the lines and skimmer when I close.


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Apr 1, 2018
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In freeze areas that’s an improper way to close a pool. Those lines coming out of the jets are objects the big ice cube can grab on to and twist off when the cube moves with wind.
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