Return jet fittings?


Jul 2, 2020
This might be a really silly question...
We acquired an inground liner pool with our new home and I had a quick question about return jets. Everything is as the previous wonder had left it but I’m wondering if return jets in the pool should have some sort of fitting/eyeball piece (I’m not sure if that’s what you call it)? Ours are completely wide open with no fittings on them at all so the ones in the shallow end are very strong but in the deep end there is hardly any flow, and I wonder if it’s because too much is coming out in the shallow end.
I just wanted to check here if we should even have any fittings over them before we go out and try to purchase things (we are in lockdown so all stores are closed so we can’t go in and actually see what we need/what fits).

thank you so much in advance!

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Yes, return jets typically have what we call eyeballs attached. They are held in-place by a retaining ring. The actually nozzle end that we move/angle can be in different shapes as well. All of this helps to create a standard backpressure in the lines and also allows us to angle the jets where you want the most flow.

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