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May 23, 2009
Fairmont, WV
Does my return eyeball need to be pointed away from the skimmer to push the water around pool or towards the skimmer? I have read conflicting reports, and I'm not sure. Thanks!

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Jun 22, 2009
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Your eyeball needs to be aimed whichever direction that produces the best skimming action of the pool. some pools need them pointed toward the skimmer and some away from the skimmer. I've seen the recomendation of using ping pong balls to aim the eyeball(s).

Ours is turned away from the skimer so it creates a counter clockwise circular motion toward the wall.


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May 23, 2009
Fairmont, WV
Thanks, that is how I've been running mine. I just seem to get a lot of pollen and dirt spots on the bottom and was wondering if maybe I was doing it wrong. Other than that my numbers are always spot on and the water is crystal clear. So I guess the the old saying applies "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."


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Jul 1, 2010
Orange County, NY
I have mine aimed away from the skimmer (Counterclockwise) and angled slightly downward. This has been very successful for me and actually drives minor debris up from the floor of the pool and eventually into the skimmer.


Jun 9, 2010
Hi, I'm new here and I have a question about this. I think I know what the eyeball is you're talking about, but what I am wondering is how do you have the eyeball on AND your skimmer as well? My skimmer hooks into the circle thing the eyeball is on. So the eyeball isn't on there because I had to take that part off to hook up the skimmer.


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Jun 12, 2010
NE Ohio
I have also wondered if there is an "ideal" for round AG pools. I point mine slightly away from the skimmer. It does create a bit of a counter-clockwise motion to the water which does two things in my pool. It causes heavier crud to concentrate on the floor in the center of the pool...this makes sweeping very easy. It seems to make floating debris drift outwards towards the skimmer.


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Jul 24, 2010
Gardnpondr said:
it's the above ground intex pool 18'x48".
If its the same as my Intex then the inlet and return are identical. The eyeball physically fits on both but should only be fitted on the one where the water returns to the pool from the filter.
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