Return flow slows down


Sep 10, 2018
Greenville SC
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Thanks for the quick response. In previous years I have clearly seen the correlation between pressure and flow rate. However, that's not what is happening. I have tried backwashing multiple times even though the pressure is not changing and that has not helped. I do not believe my gauge is broken based on how it has responded to fixing leaks. Having said that, I am going to try and backwash again and also perhaps clean the grids with TSP. Any other suggestions are welcome.
Im currently having a similar issue. Im wondering if its the pump. I run my pump at 55% and you can see it pushing water well in the morning and after about 3 hours it slows down. If I turn off my pump and turn it back on, it will be fine for a few hours again. The pressure gauge isn't going up over that time. Did you ever figure it out?
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