retinstalling a j hook liner


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Jun 10, 2010
I'm new to this forum but have found a lot of useful information on here. I do have a few questions for you all. We put in an above ground 27' x 54" pool about 3 or 4 years ago. About 2 weeks after installation, we found a hole in the bottom of the pool where a crayfish came up under the pool and snipped a hole in the liner. We found the hole pretty quickly and patched it. Each year since then, more and more sand has escaped down the hole and has stretched the liner to make a large "ditch" in the bottom and also stretched the hole to be about the size of a silver dollar now.

We have recently purchased a barrier to go under the liner so we won't have this issue again. We are in the process of draining the pool so that we can install the barrier and then fix the hole and reinstall the liner. Since we have already used the liner and just want to reinstall the same one, how difficult would that be? It is a J hook liner, which I understand to be pretty easy to install. We are looking for some step by step instructions if anyone knows where I can find them, that would be wonderful.

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May 20, 2007
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Reinstalling a liner is not easy. Instead of the liner bead going in 1st, line the return up and screw in the face plate. Then put the bead in on either side for support.

Next, go to the skimmer and line it up and then attach the bead to the track on either side.

Repeat for the drain, if its so equipped.

Don't expect to get the bead in over either easily. You may need some near boiling water poured on the liner to soften it and make stretching possible.

Attach the rest of the bead except for the area opposite the point that is between the return and skimmer. Slide a shop vac with a thin crevice tip behind the liner , seal with duck tape, turn it on and suck out the air.

You can start filling when the vac has the liner as taut as it can get it. Check for diagonal folds of liner material. It means the bead needs to be slid a bit. Any wrinkles on the floor get pushed to the edge between 4"- 7" of water. After that, water pressure will make it much harder to manipulate the vinyl.

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