Retention Wall

Nov 4, 2020
I had some questions about constructing a retention wall and I couldn't find any pictures or solutions that fit my situation. This is the solution a contractor came up with. Hope this helps someone in the future!

1. Start picture. Pool builder didn't think we needed a retaining wall, but I was always concerned that there was too much of a slope/drop off. With all the rain we had, it definitely highlighted the possibility of erosion.
2. Another contractor addressed my concerns, and dug a trench ~18'' - 24'' deep and ~3' wide.
3. Rebar and concrete poured.
4. Decorative concrete cinder blocks placed on top. Also used as part border to contain our side gravel patio. Not shown, drainage placed between the blocks and the pool deck to help relieve any hydrostatic pressure.
5. Filled to top with Black Star Gravel. The dirt on the other side now has sod sloping away down towards the rest of the backyard (not shown)


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