Resurfacing Splotchy at 3+ Weeks


Mar 8, 2015
Orlando, FL
Recently had my pool resurfaced and I’m concerned that the scuff marks and large discolored areas do not appear to be evening out over time. I’m looking for input from more experienced on how far off the norm it is, and what can be done to correct.

Here’s some background / time line:
  • 2/23 – Pool resurfaced with marbletite (quartz/agg similar to diamondbright). Pool fill begins
  • 2/25 – Pool fill is complete (~48hrs)
  • 3/2 – Contractor hooks-up pump, adds chems, performs 1st brushing (this delay made me nervous but contractor assured everything was fine)
  • 3/3 and onward daily to present – I’m brushing and maintaining chem levels specified by contractor (Ph 7-7.2 & Cl 2-3)

In the pics, notice the dark streak on the right side of skimmer mouth. There are larger dark splotches like this in the shallow end near the stairs too, although you might have a hard time distinguishing from shadows in the other pic. Deep-end pic shows the white scuffs which are everywhere.

The contractor will be back in another 1-2 weeks to convert to salt and I would like to be prepared to have an intelligent conversation with him. Input would be appreciated!





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May 7, 2007
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A little streaking/unevenness is inevitable.

The pictures are a bit difficult to interpret given the prominent shadows. Still the streak coming down from the skimmer is clear enough and is obviously worse than what I would normally expect to see.


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Feb 17, 2015
Dallas TX
Can you get pics without the pool fence reflecting on it? Maybe remove the fence to take more pics?


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Sep 13, 2013
South Florida
I had my pool finished in July last year. It was plastered using the same product (Marbleltite) and I have to say mine looks worse than your. And now discovered a crack in the plaster towards the bottom of the pool. Not sure if it's the product or the crew but I've been extremely disappointed and unhappy with how it turned out. Not trying to scare you or take away hope that it would look better, but in my experience it didn't. Now let's see how good the warranty dept is.


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Jul 16, 2012
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Being frank, tinted marbelite/marcite (which is mixed together as marble dust and white cement - with a colorant of some type) mottles (not referring to straight DB or similar), and it's clearly visible and not a defect. They should have made that clear prior to installation. The level of mottling varies but can be substantial. Any uniform colored product (like Diamond Brite quartz, or pebble products, etc.) may still exhibit some though there might be none. There's a dueling thread right now I'm sure you've seen that makes yours look perfectly even by comparison. And mine too for that matter. BUT, I was forewarned of the likelihood for substantial mottling.

My take is that tinted marbelite/marcite mottles more and sometime substantially more, that premixed (manufactured) plaster based finishes.


Mar 8, 2015
Orlando, FL
The base cement is not tinted -- its pure white. The colors are from crushed aggregate (blue, gray, white). Here's a link -- mine is "Miami Blue" These pictures aren't the best. I took them in dim indirect light to minimize glare and shimmer on bottom. I'm going to try an underwater cam to see if that helps once I'm home and will repost

I'm not a particularly picky person. The standard I'm applying for "splotchy" is by comparing my pool against several friends whose are much older than mine. But, my friends have not had a resurface job so I have no uninterested 3rd party advice on whether my pool's condition is normal for this stage. Also would like to understand what type of solution contractor is likely to suggest. At this point, I'm worried I will get pitched the "cheap half-***" solution vs. the "Right" solution.

Nobody has commented on the 5 day gap between pool fill and starting pump/brushing, so I assume that isn't the root problem. Pool store guys suggested that my coat may have dried unevenly due to sun but they were only speculating.

Thanks for the input folks -- sorry about poor pics. I'll get some better ones up soon


Mar 8, 2015
Orlando, FL
OK I added 3 more photos to original post plus a video link at bottom. The video helps to distinguish shadow vs. spots. You'll want to set quality to HD on playback. Think this is good as I can do with pics -- not much of photographer!
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