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Aug 20, 2019
Detroit Michigan
Hello All!

I recently purchased a home in the northern suburbs of Detroit. It is a 1966 home with a 1966 gunite pool. The pool is 800sqft surface area, 9ft deep end, and Lazy L shape. Based on all of my research it has been taken care of pretty well. All equipment is less than 3yrs old, 2005 stamped concrete decking and 2005 PVC plumbing (except main drain line must be original). I have a very high water table due to wetlands and river very close by. Deep end bottom is approx 3ft below river surface water and approx 75ft away.

The marcite finish is at the end of its life. The last resurfacing was done before 2005. I am looking for a professional contractor who I can trust. I have a quote from a local contractor for two options: $8,500 for re-marcite (2yr guarantee) and $14,000 for Stonescapes Aqua Pebble Mini Pebble(5yr guarantee). Both options seem to be a good price but mi unsure about workmanship/materials. Im looking for additional quotes and recommendations. Current contractor has some good and bad reviews online.

This process scares me! My old pool scares me, the high water table scares me, and the "efflorescence" and cracks in my current marcite scares me. See attached pictures. The "efflorescence" looks to be from water leaking into the pool? Is that possible? Im thinking if the previous owner left the water level too low over the winter and the outside water table was higher then water would leak in and leave these deposits? These are 15" long leeches down the wall of the deep end.

Why I went into this detail is because im thinking I need to have current marcite removed so we can inspect gunite/concrete structure before refinishing. I want to make sure I have a top notch contractor before I get into this project.

Any recommendations or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



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Jul 10, 2012
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HI and Welcome! LOVE the overhead picture. What a pretty house and property! That is an awesome pool!

I agree you do need to do a full chip out since it sounds like it has already been "re-plastered" once. Do you have any idea if they did a full chip out for that?

I am going to guess you have a hydro static valve in your pool due to the high water table. Well done KNOWING about your water table!

We suggest you get at least 3 quotes but try for 5 if possible. Share their idea here and we will go over it with you

I am also going to call in some big guns to help out as this one is a bit out of my comfort zone to go it alone. @bdavis466 @jimmythegreek @ajw22 @Pool Clown and any others that have any input please step in!!

Here are some that will have fun following along @YippeeSkippy @Newdude this one will be fun to watch!



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Jan 17, 2012
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<swoon!> Can I just say I LOVE your pool!?! You had me at 9 feet depth..... :mrgreen:

Those older pools were marvelous. Big families with lots of neighborhood kids enjoying them.

Please keep us updated with pics. Pleaasseeeee?

Maddie :flower:


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Aug 10, 2017
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As Kim said get a few quotes and talk to each about details on what they plan on doing both with the cracks and the water table. If you have no relief valve they will bore a hole and patch at the end. Gotta be careful with pricing and change orders if it's more than a surface crack. You cant rely on the contractor to just do his thing you need to be on top of him. Pricing isn't too bad if that's a full chip out and repair job with a bond coat


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Jul 21, 2013
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You will find links to threads about plaster installation at Plaster Installation and Maintenance - Further Reading

A few specific threads are:

In most cases the "contractor" who you are hiring does not have the plaster crew working for him. He subcontracts the plaster work to a specialty contractor. So all your talk to your "contractor" about the quality work you want done is rarely passed to the actual crew who will do the work. There is no substitute for being on site when the plastering is done and watching closely that they follow the best practices described in our articles. Plastering is a custom manual process where decisions made on the job site affect the quality fo the work you get.

Get educated and get involved in watching over your project. Trusting a contractor and just writing checks is rolling the dice.
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