Resin vs metal top rails


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May 10, 2012
I'm searching for my 1st pool and one thing I keep seeing and hearing is that resin rails don't get as hot from the sun as metal rails.
Can anyone share some real world observations on that one way or the other, or any other thoughts about either system.



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I had metal growing up, now have Resin for season 3. it is nice, it don't scratch and rust. I have not noticed any fade either, they are tan. I did notice the installed put the pool up and took it down because it rained anfilled up around the walls before the liner was in, so there are few stress cracks from I think they overtightened it. When I confronted him they got nasty. But it has not been an issue. It does not seem as sturdy as metal top rails, what I mean is you can flex it a little or at least it appears to feel that way. My rails are 10" wide and I don't allow anyone to sit on them though I suspect they do with an 18 year old in the house. And my 9 years old friends all hang on them, still no issues.

good Luck