[Req] Troubleshooting an Active 20


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Feb 2, 2014
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Had this unit since March of 2017. When it works, it's phenomenal.

Before I enact drastic measures and purchasing another unit, this is my last-ditch effort. Finding a cohesive/holistic guide is proving to be somewhat difficult, and I didn't find anything specific on the boards that had me arrive at my issue/root cause.

[April 2019] Replaced the motor assembly in 2019 after (irresponsibly) not realizing the impeller needed to be cleaned.
After clearing, it still would not operate as intended. I had figured the motor was burnt out due to the resistance.
[April 2021] Observed the cable's protective layer was cracked, exposed wire in the pool. Replaced w/ a Swivel cord.

The robot will power up, move forward maybe 1/2 cm, and remains stationary.

I can visually see the ripples in the water from the unit as it attempts to do its thing.
The impeller is free and clear. The basket is clean.
There are no obstructions in the tracks.
When it stops, the front indicator light shuts off on the robot itself, but the power supply is still on/active.
Something interesting as of late, the robot will move backwards and pivots/turns (as if it completed a forward cycle), but that's it.
The spot that it does end up stuck in, is noticeably clean/free of dirt/debris.

Prior to replacing the cable this year, I verified the voltage coming out of the Power Supply.
I've performed the out of water test and can hear the impeller and see the rollers moving in both directions.
However, it does not shut off after 20 mins of operation - from what I've interpreted, it's "supposed" to sense if it's out of water?

Any thoughts/opinions/options? Thanks in advance!


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May 3, 2014
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I have the same robot of the same age. Luckily mine is still operating without issue.

Sounds like it should run. Let's see if this bump gets some more eyes on your issue.
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