Replumbing time.


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Aug 7, 2010
Lake Jackson, TX
Lookingt for advice on replumbing. I have 4 or 5 leaks and a heater I don't need and can't use. I'm not sure where all the lines come/go from so I'm a little confused on the best way to optimize the plumbing. There is a p trap built into the line going into the heater, do I need to keep that in the system?

The multi valve is leaking around the center shaft, is that just a simple o-ring? The spider gasket was replaced last year. I did see some minor pitting in the bottom inside.

The pool has 2 lines coming from the pool and 2 returning but I don't know from what to what, any tricks to figure this out?

There are 2 floor drains in the spa and one inthe deep end plus a skimmer. There are eyeballs in each side (spa/pool)

I'm open to any ideas.




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May 7, 2007
Silver Spring, MD
You can figure out which pipe coming out of the ground is which by turning the valve(s) and seeing what changes at the pool. I suspect that one side of each is spa and the other pool, but you never know.

The multi-port fix is fairly easy. The simplest thing to do is to get a rebuild kit, which will have all of the o-rings and springs and replace all of the parts that normally wear out.

There is no need for the p-trap. I suspect it is either supporting the pipe physically or was detouring around an obstruction that is gone now. It has obviously be re-plumbed a couple of times already.