replastered pool first time adding chemicals


Jun 5, 2019
Startup guy left and so now I need to take over adding chemicals. I tested yesterday and today here are the results Testing log. I’m off to Home Depot to buy Muriatic Acid and liquid chlorine. Can anyone comment on what amounts I should add tonight and do I need to space out adding the Muriatic Acid and chlorine? I’m reading the Taylor book, but just want someone to reassure I’m adding the right amounts. Acid demand to take ph down to 7.2 is 3 drops. Thanks!


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May 3, 2014
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According to your tests, you need chlorine. And more CYA for your climate. Get CYA to 50 ppm. Follow FC/CYA Chart

When your pH reaches 8, lower it to 7.4. That will drop your TA over time.