Replaster sun shelf?


Oct 31, 2009
When they were filling my pool some dirty water came out of the bubbler and stained my sun shelf. PB told me the stain would fade but it never did. Then they tried acid wash, but the stain is still there. Now he wants to replaster just the sun shelf. Can this be done? Will it ever look right?

Melt In The Sun

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Oct 29, 2009
Tucson, AZ
Sure, it can be done. It's great to hear that your builder is stepping up and taking care of it!

I assume your pool is fairly new? I think the only issue could be matching the color of the plaster in the rest of the pool. .


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Apr 25, 2009
If you don't have trim tile already, I would suggest installing a 1" or 2" band of tile on face of the sunshelf, about 2" down from the rounded edge. You should be able to find a tile that matches your current perimeter tile. All of the existing plaster on the sunshelf should be removed prior to re-plastering. The tiled edge will give the new plaster a good place to stop at. It will also separate the two different plaster surfaces so that noticeable differences in color are minimized. It may sound odd, but consider a different color plaster for the sunshelf only. Maybe tan or buff to look like sand. If you go with a completely different look, you won't have to worry about matching plaster color.