replaster job


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Feb 13, 2008
we have a really old pool that was painted about 1-2 years ago (before we owned the house). we are looking to have it sand blasted and then replastered and perhaps adding tile around the water line.

we had one qoute of 12,000-14,000 but, they (pool company) can't do it until next season but they are looking to have a subcontractor (they use often) do the replaster this season (he is not available until june) my questions are...can you guys give me a ball park figure of a replaster job (20 x 40 rectangle)? I just want to make sure we are not getting completely robbed :? the sub has not submitted his quote yet but, we will also have to get a 3rd party sand blaster to get that done.
anyone know of other plaster contractors around Dayton, OH?

we are very new to pool ownership and any thoughts or guidance would be appreciated!!!
the pool company (that has been out here) is also replacing our skimmer and skimmer line. We only have one line for skimmer and main drain and the skimmer is old rectangle shape.



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Apr 10, 2007
Richardson, TX
what region of the country you are in plays a big part of re-plaster costs...I would encouage you to go to their previous job sites, check the BBB, do lots of research on who you use, honestly I wish we would have paid the extra few thousand on a company that came with 5 star ratings vs. the 4 star company we used...we were that "one bad job" and it's been a pain.

In N. Texas we had new flagstone coping, tile, sand blast (ours was painted too), and plaster for under 10k, but there's a lot more pools around here and their work is year round...I think it really comes down to location of where you are.

Hopefully others in your area will chime in.

Good luck, take pictures and keep us updated and feel free to ask any questions, the only dumb one is the one not asked :D