Replaster a good time for redesign?


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May 20, 2007
Houston, Tx
We are discussing perhaps replastering this coming March/April since we have bad calcium pitting, and I was wondering if this was a good time to run new return jets on the pool. I made a thread before about poor circulation in a couple of corners (and it appears to be most of that side of the pool) that I'm getting black algae all over the wall unless I keep my chlorine in the 5+ppm and make sure some bleach additions are to that side (ie, chlorine just sits there). below is a picture of my current jet lay out, I was wondering how difficult it would be, while they have the pool drained, to drill holes and lay pipe for a new return jet or 2 for better circulation of the water. roughly how much do you see this costing?

blue = returns
red = suction
green = ladder
purple = quick connect
black = black algae, except stretch it across the entire wall where the skimmer is




We charge $110.00 per wall core for new return lines, and $10.00 a foot for 1 1/2" lines, including trenching. It ain't fun, but that would be the time to do it!
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