Replacing the filter hose

Apr 30, 2010
St Louis MO
This is my first year with a pool so I'm learning everything and please bear with any "stupid" questions. Bought the house in February and was told the liner in the pool needed to be replaced and I hired a local company to do that and get it set up. Shortly after I noticed a small amount of water leaking from the return filter hose. I called them to see if it was a defective hose and they said they used the old hoses I had in my storage building and I probably needed to replace it. Well, I've put that off because I don't know exactly how to do it without losing a ton of water. So.... it's split more now and I have to replace it so any tips?

I know I'll need to plug the return and skimmer while I'm doing this but what about the water in the filter? Will it just come rushing out as soon as I take the hose off??

Again, please just laugh in private if this sounds like a really stupid question to the experienced pool owner :oops:

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Jun 22, 2009
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You are almost right. Some of the water in the filter will come out but there's only a small amount so it's not going to flood the area. In fact almost none will come out of the filter, most of it will be from the lines.