Replacing Side Ports in Vinyl Lined Pool

May 1, 2008
My memorial weekend was spent trying to fix the leaking underground plumbing at our pool. There were leaks in all three underground lines (it was a black poly pipe setup).

The pool at our house is a 70's era vinyl lined 18x36, liner is 1 year old. It has one skimmer, one side suction port, and one return port. I have broken up the concrete deck around all the ports and removed all the leaking plumbing. I want to change the actual wall fitting itself so that all plumbing is NEW, but there is no way to remove it unless I peel back the liner some so I can fish the fitting out from behind the liner.

How exactly would I remove the liner? I've read all the troubles about getting a separated liner back in, but not how to pull down a small section on purpose. The existing fittings look to be in good shape, no cracks, etc. Its just that they are likely 30 years old and I'd really like to replace them if it is at all feasible. But I don't want to wreck some other part of the pool in the process. The water level is about 18" below the top currently.

I already purchased new wall fittings, but the old ones are slightly different. Instead of a plastic lock nut, it appears there is a metal one.

I will try to get pictures later today to post up.



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May 7, 2007
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If you have good access to the pool wall, both inside and outside the pool, it shouldn't be too difficult to do what you want to do. The liner will normally pull out of the channel if you pull straight up on it. You might want to put some liner lock, or pennies, into the channel a little distance to either side so you don't pull out more liner than you intend to.