Replacing Pump/Motor


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Jul 30, 2011
I am going into year 5 with our pool. Just before close this Fall, the motor bearings became very noisy. So I at least need to do a rebuild, but have some questions:

This is a Hayward SP2607X102S (dual speed). I can rebuild at approximately $150 + new gaskets/seals for a total of about $175 or so. Or, I can buy a new SPX1607Z2MS replacement dual speed motor and add net gaskets and seals for about $400. Or, I can do a complete change out. I ask because I have sometimes struggled with having enough flow for my far end skimmer. To the point on low, I don't even bother using. I am not sure if stepping up to the next size higher pump would make a difference or not.

Any tips, for rebuild, motor replace or complete pump replace for best outcome appreciated. (Please note variable probably doesnt make sense in our cheaper electricity area).