Replacing pump motor question


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Aug 15, 2014
That wet end looks the same as my Challenger. Part #6 is embedded within the housing and there are two versions of that part: (1) a round o-ring type seal, or (2) a round seal that has square edges. You need the right version. Your pump will definitely leak if its not there and it probably does need replacing. There is also a smaller seal that could be round or square depending on the version that should also be replaced (part #12). You should also replace the shaft seals (parts #4 & #7). They make "go-kits" or "tune-up" kits that have all the parts, but I discovered that they aren't reliable on putting the correct seals in the kit. Leslie's pool supply had all of those parts in stock for me, but its sometimes hit or miss on what's in stock.

FYI: I just replaced my motor with a programmable EcoTech EZ 1.5HP VS motor for ~$350. It is MUCH quieter and significantly more energy efficient. I love it it ... if you haven't already bought the replacement motor it may be an option for you. It will mount perfectly on your wet end.


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Jan 8, 2011
Richmond, Texas
Thanks. This is my waterfall pump so I am not too worried about the energy efficiency but when my main pool pump goes I will look into a more efficient pump for sure.