Replacing pump, looking for advice


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Apr 25, 2016
Coral Springs, FL
Hello TFP.

Looking for some pump advice for my specific configuration.

Background: Moved in a few years ago, pool pump is a Dura-Glas(?) with what I think is a cheaper single speed 1.5hp motor that had been replaced a few years prior to us moving in. Only thing I’ve done is try repairing a leak at the pump outlet, very slight, and at the time I went ahead and put a union to simplify the connection. Leak was still there coming from a small split on the body but it was minor so I left it alone.

Month ago I came home to a blown start capacitor so I tried replacing that. Pump had failed because it was shaking a lot and overheating. I made the mistake of opting to replace the motor instead of purchasing a new pump, $300 later pump is working but leaking at the gasket and the old leak seems to have gotten a bit worse. Today, before I had a chance to replace the gasket, the leak from a few years ago is now spraying.

I don’t really want to continue trying to salvage this thing, despite blowing $300 on motor I may no longer have a use for if I replace the pump. At any rate, I’m looking for advice. Since we moved in it seems feedback has gone back and forth regarding what is recommended, so whatever is current is appreciated. I don’t particularly want to spend the money on a VS unless it’s stupid not to, and I don’t know if a 2-speed motor would benefit me or not.

Pool is 15x30 rectangle, 3'-6’, about 15000 gallon. Filter is a Hayward C12002 cartridge filter (120sqft with 120GPM rating according to spec). Pool has 2 returns, 1 main drain, 1 skimmer, and a vac line. I have a poolvergnuegen I leave in the pool year around (South Florida). Guessing based on the filter the PVC is 2”, though the skimmer/vac line look slightly smaller at the pump. I do like having them all open but cleaner isn’t as efficient so I’ve recently alternated running cleaner/skimmer on weekend with drain closed and closing vac during the week. Pump is on an intermatic m.timer and runs about 8 hours a day.

Seems like a pretty vanilla setup and I kinda want to keep it that way for the most part. SWCG could be an option in the future but probably not for awhile, if that changes anything.

If I'm missing anything helpful for advice I will be happy to add. Thanks in advance!



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Apr 29, 2016
Quaker Hill, CT
The point to either VS or 2-speed is to save money on electricity. A single speed pool pump is very wasteful.

The EPA is forcing all new pool pump installations greater than .75 hp to be VS pumps after next year.

You certainly don't need a VS pump with your set up as you don't need to change speeds often. A 2-speed would be normally what is suggested with 95% of your running time being on low speed. High speed only being used for vacuuming and cleaning.

Now that the VS pump market is maturing and companies are gearing up to meet the EPA demands pricing has come down and options are going up. Currently my go to recommendation for bargain VS pumps is the pureline pumps from inyo. They are only slightly more expensive than a comparable 2-speed pump and so far I have yet to hear any bad reviews of their pumps. For a simple pool with no automation they are a great choice.

I would say bite the bullet and get a VS pump it will save you on electricity in the long run especially with your long seasons down south.