Replacing pool light


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Aug 7, 2007
I'm a new member here and delighted to have found this site. We bought this house with it's nice pool and I'm learning something new every day.
The light in the pool is a Sunlite, 110V, 250 watt unit that does not work. I pulled the light out and found the receptacle to be burned up inside at it's base. So, I need to replace the receptacle and cord. I found a compatible unit on line, a Sta-Rite Sunlite Halogen Pool Light - 120V, 250W. Says it's designed to replace the Purex receptacle that's in mine. Costs about $160 - $170.
My question is whether this is a wise way to proceed or is there a newer technology I should consider. The replacement unit seems like a fairly simple job that I and my electrician buddy could accomplish in a few minutes. Installing a different fixture in the pool wall would be a bigger expense, I think.


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May 3, 2007
Pleasanton, CA
I think you want to stick with bulbs that will fit in your light housing but you may have other alternatives. A stand white light will do but they do make bulbs that should fit your housing but have multiple colors if that is the sort of thing you are looking for.