Replacing pool light... right light and also do I need silicon?

Jun 29, 2020
Philadelphia, PA
Hey all, have an old light I'm replacing the light on for my parents.
Its says its a CHD model 100-5 500Watt 120V (its an old swimming pool maybe from the 60s or 70s, seems like this housing is an older one).

I'm guessing this is the part diagram for it:
I basically bought this gasket and light bulb:
1. Is the light fine? I saw inyopools also was selling 100W, 300W, 400W, and a 500W... just assumed I should 'match' what the housing says and have it be a 120V+500W light.

2. The 120V+500W light I got fits in the housing... the outer round part of the bulb sticks out a bit past the end of the metal end of the housing but the glass lens is also pretty curved so I think thats normal/fine?

3. Also do I need to put alot of silicon around the gasket before installing?
I have a small Danco Silicon grease... but wasn't sure if that is considered a 'sealant'...
But I see this bigger bottle of 'silicon sealant':

Like is one more appropriate for my use? Maybe both are fine but if i need more quantity then should I get the latter Boss one?

4. in that Inyo parts diagram they have that #7 bolt that tightens the housing enclosure+lens... Mine are like 40-50 years old i bet hehe... Any good replacements i can get? Simple standard size i can get from a local Ace Hardware?

Thanks if anyone can answer any of those questions.


Jun 1, 2017
Do not use silicone or anything else, it's made to seal with the rubber gasket, just make sure the light housing and glass is clean where the gasket goes
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