Replacing old loose aluminum coping and liner track


New member
Jun 1, 2010
I have a 25 year old inground pool. I am replacing the liner (already have it). However the aluminum bull nose coping has come loose it has popped the screws out. The track is plastic. I have to replace the skimmer so I had to break out a major section of the deck (in the picture the ugly looking deck is now gone - ready for new concrete). Is there anyway to replace the track and the coping without having to break out other sections of the deck? Can I take off the old coping, replace the track and put a new style of coping around the pool? Or can I take off the existing coping refinish it and install it over the existing track - this time putting down more screws? There are only 3 screws per 8ft length. Attached is a pic of the pool without the liner. The pool guy (yes I am having the liner installed professionally) didn't say anything about replacing the track but did say that I need to have the coping secure prior to installing the new liner.

Does anyone have any information where to find new track and coping? I have looked on line and not seeing how to do it - I am a DIY'er and don't have the funds to pay someone to do it all.