Replacing old AO Smith uprated 1hp motor

We need to replace the motor on our Hayward Superpump 1hp. It appears to be an uprated 1hp motor and model UST1102 would be a direct replacement. As the suction has always been a bit low since we bought the house, we wonder if we should go with a full-rated 1hp (ST1102 or CT1102) or even a dual speed but I can't seem to figure which dual speed would be correct.

Would either of those options require replacing the impellar. Should we plan on doing that anyway and would it be a different size?

Thank you!


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Feb 2, 2012
Hi KdBlev,

You could go with the same replacement motor which is the Century UST1102 1 HP Up Rate Motor there is also the Energy Efficient Version of this Motor which is the UCT1102 1 HP Energy Efficient Motor, the UCT1102 will give you the same output of water as the UST1102 but costs about 20% less in operational costs.

You could go up to full rated 1 HP ST1102 motor which is the exact same motor as the 1.5 HP UST1152 UpRated motor as they both have the same True HP. I will run the number below to make sense of this.

1 HP ST1102 Full Rate Motor - 1 HP x 1.5 Service Factor = True HP of 1.5 HP
1.5 HP UST1152 Up Rate Motor - 1.5 HP x 1.0 Service Factor = True HP of 1.5 HP

For whatever reason the 1.5 HP UST1152 Up Rate Motor is less expensive than the 1 HP Full Rate so I would go with the 1.5 HP Up Rate UST1152. If you do decided to go up in HP then you will need to replace your impeller as if you use your old impeller you will only be getting the output of water from the 1 HP impeller but you will be paying for the cost to run the 1.5 HP Motor.

Also when upgrading to a larger HP you will need to make sure your filter can handle the increased output of water from the larger motor. For example if the new motor now means your pump is outputting 100 GPM and your filter can only handle 75 GPM then this is no good as you will get shorter life out of both your motor and filter.

If you decided you wanted to go Ultra Energy Efficient then I would not suggest Dual Speed and would suggest this 1.65 HP Variable Speed Motor Replacement as the price is not much more than the dual speed but this variable is much easier to install, gives you much more flexbility since it can operated at a full range of RPM's from 600 - 3450, will save you a ton on operational costs (up to 80% operational cost savings) and you may be eligible for power company rebates.

Could you send us photos or model information for both your filter and your pump as this would allow us to suggest the proper impeller and let you know if you can go up to 1.5 HP. We would also suggest a shaft seal but will need to know your pump model information.
Thank you kimkats for putting in the pm and thanks patrick for the reply.

I will get a photo of the filter information when I can run home in a couple hours. The pump and motor are the standard Hayward Superpump 1 HP I believe. Could only find model info on the motor but the pump looks just like what I see when searching for that.

Also, I believe I measured the pool a bit off the first time, it's actually about 28,350 gallons. IMG_5895.JPG
Thank you Patrick!

I was able to get the other equipment photos as well. Current pump is SP2607X10 Hayward and filter is Tagelus Deluxe TA-60D. Pretty sure both of those pieces of equipment are at least 10-15 years old. Filter label indicates 2001 maybe.

I did have a couple other questions on the variable speed motor. First, are they reliable? I've seen a lot of very mixed reviews on that. Second, what all other parts would we need to upgrade to the variable speed?

Thank you!

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Feb 2, 2012
Hi KdBlev, Thanks for the photos those are helpful. In our experience the Century Variable Speed (VS) Motors are reliable, we have run across other VS motors that have not been as reliable as the digital controllers had some issues but this has not been the case with the Century VS Motors and we have been supplying these for 6 or 7 years now.

Below are the items you would need to upgrade your Super Pump to the 1.65 HP VS Motor

Qty: 1 - 1.65 HP Round Flange Century Variable Speed Motor
Qty: 1 - 1.5 HP Super Pump Impeller
Qty: 1 - Hayward Super Pump Tune Up Kit

We also have a video here on How to Replace your Motor with VS Motor which you may find helpful when you tackle this job
For future reference, unless you change out the impeller, none of the other equipment will know any difference. You could put a 100hp motor on it and the impeller won't draw any more power from the motor than it did before. It also won't push any more flow than before. I would definitely recommend a 2 speed motor if you are changing it out. You will see a significant power savings running at low speeds over full speed.