Replacing my pool cleaner hose


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Jun 6, 2017
Fort Wayne, IN
I've got a Kreepy Krauler Kruiser that I've had for several years. With the size of the pool and the lack of cover, I essentially let it run all of the time.

So, my hoses get a lot of UV exposure. I've been through a couple "sets" of the 48" sections, replacing them as pieces fail. However, I think I've got a cascade failure this year, and I don't really want to buy all those sectional hoses again.

So, if I buy 50' of traditional vacuum hose, how do I connect that to my Leaf filter (Hayward W560 Cannister)? As it stands now, I have one segment of sectional hose from the wall port to the cannister (male side) and the remaining 11 sections of hose plug into the female side. Do I need to buy a new leaf cannister, or is there something I'm not seeing here?


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Sep 3, 2019
West Hills, CA
Wow, that's a mega pool. It's interesting I've got a Kreepy Krauler Kruiser also that has been very iffy for the last couple of months. I've only had the pool for less than a year, and it's been replastered, but it used to work like a champ.

I'm not sure what you mean by cascade failure, but mine was just sitting there, basically laying sideways and not moving or cleaning... looking dead.

My pool is in the sun all day as well, and though I replaced the sections of the hose that were looking shotty and/or cracked... it wasn't doing anything. I even took it apart several times trying to figure out what failed but everything looks fine. They seem pretty basic.

I did replace my filter over the weekend and the Kreepy seems to have come back to life to a degree. Maybe backwash or clean your filters and see if that helps.

And while I'm not familiar with your particular leaf cannister model, I just Googled it and it looks exactly the same as mine (but mine's very old apparently), not sure why you can't just plug in the traditional hose to the other side of the leaf cannister. Have you tried?
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