Replacing interfab ladder with polymer


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Jul 8, 2015
I have a salt inground pool and the interfab chrome ladder is rusting. I want to replace it with a polymer one. My question is, will the new one just slide right into the old sockets that are in the concrete pool deck?

It seems like they are all 1.90 OD. Im replacing an inter fab three step.



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Jul 10, 2012
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A picture or two would be helpful. A link to your new ones would be helpful as well. That will really give us an idea what you are dealing with.


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Sep 5, 2008
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Yes, they will. There are two different "standard" sizes 1.90 and 1.875. The anchors should accept these two sizes. Actually they will fit loosely in them and they then tighten up with the anchor wedge.