Replacing inground ladder anchors


Apr 29, 2018
Hello, I was able to remove the existing anchors with a core drill and purchased the schedule 80 anchors for replacement. My brother-in-law is an electrician so he helped bond the anchors so I’m ready to place both ladders (deep end and shallow entry ladders). I want to make sure I use the correct material to fill the holes between the 3” holes and anchors once they are placed in correctly.

Should I use cement or some other material? I went to Home Depot and one of the assistants recommended a self leveling concrete polyurethane the comes in the large caulk tubes. I wanted to make sure before installing.



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Aug 10, 2017
Morris Cnty NJ
Depends on what was there. The ones I use are set on a bar to keep the space correct and are brass. A pic of what you have now would help. If you are trying to install new anchors in place of the old with just the space of a core drill, only epoxy would be strong enough to hold and even then it would need some additional anchoring from bottom side using the sweep holes. I'm guessing you have a bunch of material removed if you were able to re bond the cups. We pour large footings for ladders and handrails usually 24x24x8 deep when using pavers and when pouring concrete decks we make a depression to allow thicker concrete around the cups