Replacing Heater need Gas Line Advice


Nov 2, 2012
Mansfield, TX
I'm replacing my Raypak 399BTU heater and want to make sure I have everything lined up properly for a morning only job (fingers crossed). See attached photos of the existing line and need for a 20" line into the new heater. My question is:
  1. Which joint should I be removing to take out the old heater (placement and line of sight of existing line is right on)? Two pipe wrenches for counterclockwise turn on both joints (nut/pipe)?
  2. Should I be upgrading and enlisting professional help for the gas line since my existing joints seem to be archaic?
My new heater is the same, just 6 inches taller which will require a little pvc line adjustment which I have no problem with. Also hoping wiring will be fairly straight forward as well. both are Raypak 406A.

Thanks in advance!



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May 16, 2010
Chapel Hill, NC
Use black pipe. You'll need a union to attach the pipe at both ends. (You currently don't have a dirt trap in the system - see if you can incorporate one.) It's not rocket science but you MUST make sure the connection don't leak!


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Apr 22, 2013
I was very tempted to install my new heater myself, it isn’t complicated, but I opted to hire a professional given the costly consequences of making a simple mistake with those lines, I had everything ready for them to switch it out and the labor wasn’t expensive.