Replacing Hayward 1 1/2hp super pump

May 22, 2012
Need to replace 1.5 hp Hayward super pump.

A few details;
26k gal vinyl in ground
2 skimmers
2 drains
3 returns
1.5" PVC pipe
All pipe home run back to valves in pump area
Hayward Gas heater
Polaris 9300 cleaner
NO other accessories

I initially planned to replace with variable speed or two speed ( Hayward or Pentair) but after reading the forum l am wondering if a 2 speed replacement would be better.

May 22, 2012
Isaac-1 said:
Why do you need to replace the SuperPump?
I replaced the bearings about a year ago. When I opened the pool this year they apparently had gone south again. In looking at the motor, it has corrosion on the bottom side of the frame to the point that metal has started to "flake"away. It had already started to do this when I replaced the bearings. I think due to this corrosion the front flange isn't seating properly. Bottom line unless I can get a new frame I think it's toast, plus Id like to get something more energy efficient. Thanks for the question.
May 22, 2012
Thanks for the motor suggestion, just got it installed today. At this point I only connected the high speed. How do you normally control the low and high speed. Originally I had installed a wireless relay unit to turn it on off, are there relays specifically made for 2 speed pumps?


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May 7, 2007
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They do make versions of the kind of relay you have that work with two speed pumps. One simpler approach is to use a manual switch to pick between high and low speed. In most cases you leave it on low all of the time, and only turn on high in special situations (like backwashing, vacuuming, etc).

Jason B

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Jun 1, 2007
My 3/4 superpump is 7 years old and it's getting loud. The sound is kinda the same as it's always been, but 4-5 times louder. Jets shoot out fine, pressure is good. I'm handy and can fix things. Is this worth fixing if I have a bearing puller, etc?


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Jun 14, 2009
Cincinnati, OH
My 3 year old Superpump motor did the same thing 2 summers ago (due to water). Picked up some new sealed bearings at a local automotive store and replaced them. Thing ran and sounded great.
For the cost of the bearings (less then $15) might be worth a try just to see.
I had to replace my motor this season due to the above water leak that I could'nt get sealed. Motor was rusted and corroded inside. So take your motor age, time invested in replacing the bearings and figure out if it's worth fixing or worth upgrading to a more efficient unit.

Jason B

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Jun 1, 2007
I just purchased 2 new bearings, shaft seal and a bearing puller from

Their customer service is awesome and they stand behind what they sell. I checked into this, and wanted to be sure I was getting quality bearings and parts, and their reputation is great. Will report back.