Replacing Filter Cartridges


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Jan 9, 2010
Spring Texas
I have a big beige brown Hayward cartridge filter it is about seven years old and still uses the original cartridges. I do not know the model of this filter and I cannot find it on the outside. How do I know which cartridges to purchase for replacement? Is measuring the only way ?

Thank for any advice.

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You could measure the current filter sizes (length, diameter, etc) and compare that to replacements. Most cartridge filter web sites will list the dimensions so you can get a good match. As another long shot, you could post a pic of that brown Hayward filter housing. Maybe some folks here will recognize it to give you a model number. Also consider calling as they have an extensive reference library and may be able to help as well.


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Aug 10, 2012
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I really like Pleatco cartridges, they are a lot better than my original Pentair cartridges. Pleatco has an 800 number and they can find your cartridges based on measurements. Length, internal diameter and external diameter.

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