Replacing Dolphin Oasis 2010 model


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Jul 1, 2019
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I've had the Dolphin Oasis z5 (not 5i) for about 7 years and it's starting to need costly repairs. Right now, the power supply turns on fine, but the robot doesn't attempt to move or blow water at all. I've opened it and the tracks are clear. The vent at the top and fan are also clear. Sounds like an expensive fix to me.

Anyway, my head is spinning comparing Dolphin models as I search for a new one. I have a standard sized, gunite, in-ground pool that needs the 50ft model. I'm especially wanting one that cleans the waterline and doesn't get stuck on steps for the drain. I already have a caddy and know I'll never use the wifi on my phone for it. I do like the separate remote for my current Dolphin Oasis, but it's not worth $100-200 for this little luxury.

Recommendations? I'd like something more affordable that the current Oasis which is z5i (with internet). I think Oasis is an M model. Also, Will my Oasis filters, cables and power supply be interchangeable with any Dolphin robot I buy? Would be nice to use the parts I already own on the new robot when needed. TIA!


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Jul 3, 2013
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It is crazzzzy trying to figure out what works and all the models.. seems Maytronics names the same model 2 different names for the same one...

name 1 = in store only
name 2 = online like amazon or like stores

There are also 2 types of filter setups.. The one you have and the newer one with the 1 giant filter in the top.. I would recommend going with the new setup as it holds much more debris now...

In these models there is only one really upgraded one and that is the M600/active 60.. It has bigger pumps and that is the only real upgrade... all the others "add" abilities in software..

We have a great place to buy them, Margret has been supporting us for awhile now.. She is great and will almost always recommend the Active 20/S200 as you get nothing more until the M600..

The problem being they are having supply issues just like everyone else with Covid.. There are not many models left to buy... I would email them and ask what they have now in supply... ask them what model in supply that is like the S200 or M600 depending on what you want.. :)

She says she has these.. Available for immediate shipment: Warrior SL, Nautilus CC, Triton PS, Triton PS Plus, Explorer 20, Explorer E30, Nautilus CC Plus, Active 30, Prowler 930W, Oasis Z5i, S400, M600

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