Replacing cracked eyeball return


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Apr 4, 2016
South East USA

Pool was built around 2005.

I have an eyeball return on moulded step/seat in the deep end.

The return is pretty shallow (maybe 12 inches under surface) so I guess it has seen a lot of sun.

The eyeball part has popped off and the bezel is cracked. There is also a receiver part that is screwed into the pipe, but the receiver and its threads seem fine..

Should I replace the receiver or just the eyeball and the bezel? It seems like a bother to get the receiver out.

Also, there are several other similar returns that are lower in the pool and do not see as much sunlight. They appear to be in good shape. Should I do any preventative maintenance.replacement on these or just wait for them to fail in due course?

Many thanks,