Replacing a diving board


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Jun 2, 2008
When I moved into my house with a pool 5 years ago, the pool had a 10ft diving board with a big crack in it. It was a "U" style mounted diving board. I took it down and disposed of it. Since then, there's been two "U"s coming out of the patio at the end of the pool. I've been looking at replacing what was once a 10ft board with a new 8ft board. Can a 8ft board be mounted on the same U mountings that a previously 10ft board was on? I'm also assuming that the original diving board was 10ft and a 8ft wasn't replaced with a 10ft. Any advice on diving board length and/or U style mounting dimensions would be appreciated.

Thanks, Boks


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Apr 3, 2007
SRSmith is the largest maker of diving boards. I would measure the distance between the supports and the distance from the front support to the pool and then call them or check out their web site and they can advise you what board can be safely and legally placed on the supports. You also might need to know the size of the deep end of the pool as the regulations on this require different size diving envelopes for various boards.