Replacement Labor in Northeastern Illinois


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Jun 13, 2011
First off, TFP WORKS! Haven't been around much for a couple of years since things have been going swimmingly - until Tuesday -

Opened on Monday to 51 degree water and only some silt to clean up - woohoo! Added about 2,000 gallons to top it off and we were good to go, it seemed. On Tuesday sometime between noon and 1430 hrs the wall split and emptied the pool. 14 year old wall had a square foot of rust at the base below the return - it split there and the rest of the wall came apart like a sawzall had been involved.

Looking at the options of pool removal, deck removal, landscaping etc. vs. a new pool only - already have a 5 year old sand filter and a 2 year old pump, plus all the other stuff.

Any idea what installers might charge for labor simply replacing a 24 footer in this area? Obviously, the site is ready with minimal prep.......

Feedback appreciated!


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Mar 20, 2013
Crystal Lake Illinois
Depends.. Pool stores around here have free or $99 install deals and you save yourself the headache of looking for an installer.. if not you are looking at about $500 to 1k..