Replacement Grid assembly for a DE2420 - DEX2400DC


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Jun 14, 2009
Hello all,

So my filter is shot, when I open my pool and began the cleaning process my pool wasn't getting any cleaner and when I back washed the water that was being back washed wasn't the greenish color I usually get when back washing. The second time I back washed and added DE I noticed the DE was coming right back into the pool.

I took the filter apart and saw that I had tears in the fingers, so I went on amazon and order the replacement grid for a DE2420.

The grid arrived today and to my freaking surprise the grid was half the size of the grid that was in the filter. The filter had fingers that where 24 inches long and the replacement had 12 inch fingers, now my filter says it is a DE2420 everywhere on the filter and the "DEX2400DC" says it is the replacement part for my filter.

WTF-reak !!!!!

So my 2 questions are:
  • Is it possible that my filter isn't a DE2420 even though that is how it is labeled ?
  • Should I buy the replacement grid based on the size of the fingers ?
From what I see online the 24 inch fingers are for a 48 sq ft filter



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May 12, 2018
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The upper tank lid changes in height according to sq ft, the bottom portion of the tank stays the same, someone must have replaced the upper lid from 24 to 48, and replaced the pipe inside the tank that the grid assembly mounts to via manifold, the tank lids get taller for each increase in size 24,48,60,72 sq ft the bottom tank stays the same.
You could read the size where it would indicate 72 sq ft, and it could have a 24 sq ft lid meaning you have 12'' grids
Some one may have had the opportunity through spare parts to increase the filter size, and thats what it appears has happened, always measure the height of grids when ordering replacements

It is unusual to see this kind of modification, but if someone had parts available to increase filter sq ft, vs buying a new filter to do the same, you can see how they would do it, the label on the tank at that point no longer would refer to the size indicated on it, always measure grids.