replaced motor

Mar 26, 2016
salisbury nc
I have a painted plaster, kidney shaped 26,000 gallon +/-in ground pool with a pentair challenger 3/4 hp 1.27 sf centurion for pas fab pump. The motor had a bad bearing so I replaced motor with a two speed 1 hp motor. I replaced the seals and reassembled the pump. There is a tiny leak, which looks like its coming from the seal area. I had a difficult time getting the rubber part of the seal seated properly.. I do some pool maintenance , weekly maintenance, water testing but do not work on pumps as a general rule. I must say that large metal band is a pain . I read on line checked out videos about "do not touch" ceramic part of seal.. whats up with that ??

Anyway, Do I need to tear the pump back apart and purchase new seals..


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May 3, 2007
Pleasanton, CA
Yes, you probably need to new seals but did you replace all the o-rings and gaskets too? You should use a full go-kit when replacing a motor.

The reason you don't want to touch the surface of the seal is that it can deposit oils and dirt on to the seal which can damage it and cause it to leak. Given you asked the question, that may have been an issue?