Replaced a leaky housing, now no suction at all


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Apr 25, 2016
Lafayette, LA
I dealt with some air leaks in the union on top of my impeller housing for much of last year. I had regular priming issues, but got to where I had it pretty much under control. About 2 weeks ago, the priming issues returned and would not go away. I ordered new parts to replace the union, and in the meantime discovered pinhole leaks in the housing itself, so I ordered a new one of those as well. I installed the new union and housing, waited 30 or so hours, and went for a test drive.

I spent the next 2 hours trying to get it to prime, and gave up around dinner time. Woke up this morning and tried again. From dealing with it last year, I got pretty good at priming and learned the noises that it made when it was getting close. Yesterday I was getting suction from my skimmer baskets, and some noises that made it seem like I was getting close. I tried all my tricks, but no luck. I've spent the last 3 hours on it today, and I'm seemingly farther away than I was yesterday - I can't get it to make any of the hopeful noises, and there is absolutely no movement whatsoever in my skimmer baskets.

I found a good youtube video series about it, and tried everything he suggested:

- checked the impeller for clogs
- checked the water level
- checked the o-ring on my strainer
- tied plastic bags around potential air leak spots
- inspected my multiport and it's butterfly o-ring
- blew hose water through the skimmer basket intake (none ever made it to the pump)
- blew hose water from the pump to both strainer baskets (I did get some water coming out of the nearest basket, the far basket has never had much pressure)

I'm at my wits end. Anything else to try before I call in the pro?


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Jul 21, 2013
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Post pics of your equipment pad, pump, and valves. Sometimes an eagle eyed member can spot something.

Is your pump above, below, or at the water line of your pool?

You sure you assembled the pump correctly? You replace the impeller? You replace any seals?

You use Pool Lube on the pump lid O ring?