Replace Weir


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Mar 12, 2008
Hatfield, PA
Hello guys,

We were swimming yesterday and got a little rowdy. In the end I heard the pump lose prime. The culprit I found was a stuck Weir. I poked the weir and to my surprise it snapped from the rotating portion near the bottom. The skimmer is a Sylvan skimmer and I found potentially correct parts (though if anyone can suggest proper part numbers and the best places to buy them I would be most appreciative.) . I took a cursory look in there and I couldn't see how to remove the old rotating portion adn install the new Weir. Is there a technique I am missing?


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Jul 27, 2007
Sahuarita, AZ
The points around which it pivots are usually on some flexible tabs. Try pushing the weir to one side to see if it frees up the other side... if not, a screw drive will likely pry it out... shouldn't take any real pressure, don't crack the skimmer itself!


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Jul 25, 2007
Alamo, CA
I just had to replace the weir in mine, too. I saw it floating in the middle of the pool one morning last weekend. :)

I took the loose part to the pool store and they matched up a new unit for me complete with the part that isn't supposed to move. In my case, there is a single phillips-head screw in the middle of the fixed part that is accessible from inside the skimmer. After removing the screw, the part slides up and out. Replacing it was tricky as it kept trying to float up as I got the screw back in.

I've also heard of "universal" weirs that fit into the opening with spring-loaded points similar to a toilet paper holder, but I'd think that could come loose again too easily.