Replace spider gasket, O-ring or whole multiport??


Jun 29, 2020
Hey all, over the weekend I started having a leak in the backwash valve and I'm lost as to what the cause may be. It initially started after I did a routine backwash and recharge of my DE filter. After starting the pump back again the backwash pipe had a substantial amount of water coming from it (steady stream). I turned off the pump, opened the multiport to see what was going on. The gasket looked fine, no warping or wearing visible. The O ring has an area where its not 100% sealed (picture with red arrows). The handle feels and operates just fine too. The interesting part is that after I put the multiport back on, the leakage was reduced from the steady stream to about 3 drops per second, a huge improvement but still not what it was before I did the backwash.

Other things I noticed, with the pump off every time I rotate the handle there is some water spitting out of the backwash. I'm not sure if this is normal since I usually have a hose connected to the backwash running down hill, so I normally never see if anything is coming out of it when using the multiport. Also, I found the same thing when unscrewing the multiport, there was some water coming out for a couple of seconds then stopped after multiport was removed.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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May 20, 2020
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Those spider gaskets can be real finicky. If you cannot see any tears or nicks in it then just ensure to put some lube on it. Also, on the mating piece that sits on top of it, just ensure it is smooth and put a little lube on that as well just to seat it all.
The seal oring for the mating pieces should be checked as well. Just do not stretch it but ensure it is clean and add some lube.

When I move my valve, I push down on the handle a couple of times to ensure it is not sticking to the spider gasket as you do not want to just randomly turn it as that is how the gasket can tear.


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May 24, 2016
Thanks I'll try that out today. I also noticed on the picture one of the "arms" of the spider gasket appears to be lifted off of the base.
And there is your leak. That lifted spoke. If the clutch is good on the multiport and its lifting, make sure you see it lift while holding it in your hand. Dont feel anything with those they lie to ya. If that gasket is coming out all in one peice then replace the gasket. Clear the tracks, dry them, and use a good glue like flex seal, heavy duty super glue, gorilla glue etc. Let it dry and re install. (If that gasket comes out in tiny chunks just replace the hole Dang multiport because you can spend hours digging that out and nver fully clean out those tracks.)

If replacing the gasket AFTER the glue is dry and before you put the lid back on use pentair silicone lubricant on top of the gasket.
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