Replace pool with existing deck


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Apr 12, 2017
Murphysboro, IL
I am getting ready to replace my 18x33x52" steel pool that has 22 upright supports with a deck built all the way around it with an 18x33x54" resin pool that has, according to the manufacturer, 20 supports. I will dig down 2 more inches to accommodate the deeper pool. I've heard that the support upright count must be the same on the replacement pool as on the original pool so as to fit within the confines of the existing deck. I am going to replace the deckboards with new boards when the new pool is installed.
My question is: Does the support upright count need to be the same on the new pool as the old since the boards will be replaced and can be "shifted" to accommodate the placement of the new pool? Presently the top ledges are above the deck boards and would like to keep the new pool the same if possible.
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Apr 14, 2016
Laurel, Mississippi
I would think if you are replacing the deck boards it should be fine as long as the pool actually fits in the space. If you had to do any adjustment on the deck it shouldn't be major.

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