Replace pool light bulb?


Apr 17, 2017
Westport, CT

Hi the light went out in my spa and I would like to change the bulb (see attached image). I've never done this before but it looks like 3 screws hold it in. I plan to take out the screws and pull out the light and think it should be obvious what to do next. Is there anything I need to know before doing this repair? Thanks!


TFP Expert
Apr 19, 2013
Sacramento, CA
Most likely held in by one screw at the top. Hinged with a flange on the bottom. Remove the fixture and bring to surface. Open fixture -- change bulb -- replace gasket with new gasket. reinstall.

Watch several videos on Youtube on changing Bulbs -- Inyo pools has good ones. Call Inyo Pools or SunPlay they can sell you the correct bulb and gasket.