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Oct 27, 2012
Spring, TX
I have a jandy PHPM 2.0 pump that’s used on my slide and waterfall. Last week I fakked up
And used the pump to drain some water out of the pool. Well. It dropped below the skimmers and there must not have been enough volume of water coming from the drain in the bottom and the pump seized. Well when I say seized it created enough current draw to completely trash my 20 amp double pole breaker. When I replaced the breaker and try the pump it isn’t moving any wayer and within 20 seconds trips the breaker.
I have to assume that the lack of water caused something to seize in the pump. At this point I don’t know if the motor is good or not.

Questions please.
When I Google PHPM2.0 I’m not getting any hits. I do see a lot of FHPM2.0 references though. Not sure the difference between the 2 pumps but as it’s already plumbed in I want to make sure that what ever I buy has the same configuration on the plumbing and will be a drop in replacement.
So. Appreciate if anyone knows the difference between these pumps.

2nd question. If the motor is good. I wonder if there is a rebuild kit. If I can figure out which part needs to be changed perhaps it’s worth a try. The motor is rougher 350 to replace if that’s toast so as long as the rebuild kit and motor is less than the replacement pump might be worth a try.

Lastly. Anyone know if the generic replacement pumps they sell on Amazon are worth the money and if they are drop in for the fitting placements?
There is a vivohome 2.0 pump with motor fir 289. Another brand ( extreme power ) for 269.

Appreciate thoughts.


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Oct 27, 2012
Spring, TX
Mac, it would help if you could post a pic or two of the pump in question. See if there's a good label we can read as well. This will come into play with all of your questions.
Got it. Please see attached.
Its about a 10 year old pump
Jandy PHPM 2.0
Century 2 HP motor

As noted - would greatly appreciate any opinions on if i can repair with a rebuild kit as the research ive done so far indicates that the FHPM 2.0 has the plumbing in a slightly different configuration compared to this one.



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If all that is wrong with the pump is the motor itself, I see no reason why you can't just replace the motor. You appear to have a single speed right now which is a huge waste of energy. The link below shows some replacement options like a 2-speed or variable speed option. I would reach out to Inyopools or any other online vendor who can provide you with a suitable Century or A.O. Smith replacement motor. Be sure to also ask for the "Go-Kit" which is basically the gasket/seal/O-ring package along with new shaft seal.

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Jul 14, 2014
Ten years is about the life expectancy of pool equipment anymore (we used to say 15). A lack of water is not what burned your motor. You could have taken that motor off the pump and had it turn on and it would run forever if there were no other outside issues. Those motors are still available (at least for a while) for sale. While a VSP is a better way to go. For a special use like this that may not be used much a new motor won't hurt. The difference in cost of a VSP in energy savings probably would not be recovered over the life of the pump .
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