Replace liner or not?


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I am considering if I should replace my liner or not. I built the pool a bit over 5 years ago with the help of my dad and brothers rather than professionals, so since the beginning the liner has had wrinkles, which weren't too bad, and somewhat expected since I dug out a deep end and have an expandable liner. However, over the last couple years there has apparently been some erosion at some places under my pool. Currently, next to one of the straps there is a ditch on either side, about 5-6" on the one side of the strap and about 3-4" on the other side, and some various 1-3" gullies in other places around the edges and straps. Also, at the end of last summer I noticed the liner had ripped, with a 2-3" section flapping on the bottom. I assume it's sealed under the outer layer though, since it doesn't seem to be leaking. To compound it all, I needed a new winter cover last fall, but procrastinated and never got one, so my pool is now a green swamp... so I wouldn't be as upset about draining it to fix the gullies/replace the liner.

So my questions... how concerning are the gullies? They seem to get bigger every year. Is it possible to drain and fix the erosion without getting a new liner? Or if I'm draining I might as well replace the liner at the same time anyway? Or should I just ignore it all until it starts to actually leak?

Any ideas/suggestions/experience is appreciated :)


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Jun 7, 2013
There's no guarantee that you could re-use a liner after a complete draining. Liners shrink as they dry, and older liners don't like to expand, again.

That said, I'm one of the lucky ones that moved a pool (with a 3 year-old liner), made sure the liner stayed wet, soaked it in a Rubbermaid container overnight and was filling the pool with warm water the next night.

Although a green swamp doesn't scare off people on this forum. Follow the SLAM process and it will clean up. (Although replacing 3/4 of the water might speed it up..always leave at least 1' of water in the liner to keep it from shrinking.


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I've cleaned up a green swamp before, the first spring opening up I accidentally dumped the winter cover full of leaves/horrible water into the pool because I didn't pump the water off the top first... a stupid mistake I'll never do again lol.

So I know with a bit of work it can be done... I'm just thinking this might be a good time to do the emptying and fixing the washouts, since it will save the cost of time and electricity and chlorine to get it clean, and I'll have to do it sooner or later.