Replace Jandy Lights? New Guy Question

Mar 13, 2017
Georgetown, Texas
Hello all, new guy here with my first post. All new to pool ownership, bought a house about 6 months ago with one it already installed, it's about 10 years old, maybe 12 (I forget what the paperwork said), but it seems to be in decent shape, passed the pool specific inspections fine.

When I bought it, one pool light was already out, got a bit of cash at closing for that, thought it'd be fine since the other light worked. Well, a few months ago we had a 10 day winter (not unusual for Central Texas) and we had several cold days in a row. The pool light that had worked was always a bit balky, meaning that when I flipped the 'On' switch it would blink and stutter about 10 seconds before coming on, but would always come on. Now after the cold snap, when I turn it on it immediately throws the GFCI switch.

The lights that are in it are Jandy Watercolors LED (large) and I've since learned a bit online, namely that these things can commonly have about a 3 year life span before puking and giving up the ghost. At $500 apiece, that seems ridiculous. I've been told that the Pentair LED's are superior lights. I'm curious if I'm going to need to rewire the entire socket, or if an analogous Pentair can be had that will simply fit into the niche. I think I can replace lights, but I grow a bit hesitant at pulling wire and redoing the whole thing. I'm pretty sure it's a 120V system.

Anyone have any experience going from Jandy Watercolors LED's to a similar Pentair LED?


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Oct 26, 2014
Sacramento, CA
Pentair LED lights will fit into a jandy niche no problems, as far as wiring goes its simple you will need to pull old lights out and then send a fish tape through the j box into the pool light niche then tie off new light end to fish tape pull back through and hook up for 110v should all be color coordinated in the junction box white with white green with green black "hot" with black if you have any more questions feel free to ask


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Jan 28, 2016
Delray Beach
Others will be more helpful related to the compatibility, but one thing I'll caution is that there may be variation between the colors of the lights if you have two lights from different manufacturers. I made the mistake, when building my pool, of having a Jandy nichless light installed in my sun shelf and spa to complement the two large Jandy LED lights in the main part of the pool. Despite them being the same brand, they have different color shades, which kind of annoys me. I'd prefer all the water look exactly the same color. If I were to do it over again, I'd have skipped the standard large lights and gone with more of the nichless lights.