replace existing loop-loc for free form pool


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Apr 11, 2013

My existing loop-loc cover is shot. What would be the best strategy for replacing it? I think it may have come from a local pool supply place, would they have a record of the order so maybe I could get the exact same thing? Or could I send the old one back somehow (it's pretty big 50' long and 25' at the widest).

Also, is there any point (or any way) to compare prices, or does the price come from loop-loc?



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May 24, 2009
What's "shot" about it? Maybe it can be repaired. In my neck of the woods, there's a guy who sends out a postcard touting his repair services. He repaired a few holes for me, some from rubbing on the coping, a couple from limbs that poked through. Sure was cheaper than a new one.

Just a thought....


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Sep 6, 2013
Hi neato5oh -

You should be able to get the pool cover repaired or replaced by contacting your local pool supply guy. If they originally ordered the cover for you, it should be on file. If not, the cover ID # is probably sewn into the cover someplace secure - I'm sure the manufacturer can find it. If you chose to go with the same brand of cover, your pool dealer will send the manufacturer your damaged cover and they should be able to access that cover ID# and then repair or replace it with a new one if the damage is too severe. Pricing will depend on how great the damage is.

A lot of dealers get quotes for repairs/replacements from multiple manufacturers so he may come back to you with other options. If you choose to go with another cover manufacturer because of pricing or quality issues, then your pool dealer will most likely ship them your current cover and the manufacturer will measure that cover and build you a new one with the same specs so that it will fit your pool securely.

Hope this helps.
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