Replace a Kreepy Krauly?


Jun 12, 2007

Out pool was built about 9 years ago (we have only had the house for about 4) and it has what I suspect to be the original Kreepy still. I started having to replace parts (other than the footpad and pleat) last year and seem to be replacing the whole thing piece by piece!

I was looking for some opinions on whether this is considered a good/effective pool sweep so I can decide whether to keep maintaining it or start looking at replacing it?

Thanks in advance.



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May 24, 2007
New Orleans, LA
The Kreepy Krauly is certainly one of the most proven units on the market today as it's been in production for quite sometime without many changes (last major changes were done in 1994). It's a really nice cleaner especially for smaller debris such as sand and mud. If you find that it's picking up the debris in your pool without any problems. However if you have lots of tress, etc. I would look for an alternative such as a robotic cleaner.