Repairing pebble tec

Jul 19, 2020
Sorry, if this has been gone over but I’d really appreciate some help. I have an in ground pool that I don’t know much about. I moved in three years ago and I’ve replaced some normal wear items but the pebble tec started coming up in small patches so I want to attempt it myself.

I guess I should start with asking if I have actual pebble tec or pebble sheen. I’ve attached some pics that can hopefully help. Also, I see numerous different colors available from different websites. I know it’s hard to judge from the pics, but what’s the general consensus on the color I should get? Lastly, any tips or trips? Thanks all! Oh, as far as the color, the dark spots aren’t part of the pebble tec. It’s just dirt. The colors are white and blue, and the thumb pic is for size reference.


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Aug 28, 2020
I recently fixed some pebble in my pool and am going to do a step in my hot tub this weekend. I am also in the phoenix area. There is a company called Pool Patch on Cave Creek and Cactus that makes all the different patch material. Their website is I brought a piece of my failed pebble into them and they matched me up with the correct patch material. You can order on their website but it was cheaper to buy direct and saved shipping. They are great when you go in but they don't always answer their phone and are not good at returning calls so I had to try them a few times to get someone to answer. Both times I have purchased from them I was in and out in less than 15 minutes with the material. The actual patching is a pretty easy job especially if its a small area. I had one are that was 5ft x 3ft that was a little challenging but still came out decent. My smaller 1ft by 3ft area came out awesome and you cant tell it was patched unless you are really looking.
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