Repairing cracks in our concrete pool deck


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Aug 6, 2018
Hi all,

We have a 15x30 oval inground pool. Around the pool is a 30" concrete deck. The pool was built in 1977 and still has the original concrete deck and coping. There are some rather large cracks that we want to take care of before our first winter with the pool. Is there a recommend product for this? Also, in a few spots, the crack has caused the concrete to pull away from the coping (I don't believe the coping is pulling away or any sense of failure on the coping). Would I repair that the same way I repair the cracks? In other words, should I just fill the area between the concrete and coping with the same product as I would for the cracks? Or do I need to do something special in this area?





May 31, 2019
Southeast Fl
Nothing I've tried works more than a few months.Might need to hire someone. After all this is older pool like mine, a void maybe under your deck also from pipe leaks ,rain drainage issues.If you hire someone I'd have them drill and then scope under the cement,before they start using any kind of saws or jack hammers to widen crack.Of course here in fla. lot more sand that compacts lower after a build.Let us know if you got a good fix.


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May 16, 2010
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Those are large cracks. A flexible crack filler should squeeze into them handily. It will help prevent further freeze cracking/separation but the only permanent solution is to replace the coping.